How to make onboarding
a succes
for everyone?

PBN onboarding event;
become acquainted quickly and thoroughly

You want to integrate new employees into your culture and team as soon as possible. After all, people are the axis around which everything revolves. Every colleague is an investment from which you want to profit as quickly as possible.

The PBN onboarding event will make that happen! Thanks to our one-of-a-kind event your current and new employees are worth more from day one. We all benefit!

The power
of energy

Get ready to welcome some fresh energy to your team!

New colleagues bring a unique spark to the table, and starting in a new environment is the perfect opportunity to tap into that energy. Good vibes are essential for any successful company, and connecting with your team in the right way can make all the difference. And that's where the PBN onboarding event comes in - it's not just any ordinary fun event, but a fully customized experience that's tailored to your team's needs and preferences. Get ready for something truly beautiful to emerge!

By challenging
you create a team
in no time

Introduce your team members, both with each other and with themselves.

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Get acquainted

'I know my coworkers well and ask for assistance more quickly.'

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We challenge!

‘When faced with a challenge, something remarkable happens.’

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'New people immediately reveal their strengths and weaknesses to you, and vice versa.'

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but how?

Organising an onboarding event.

We host the first onboarding event for new employees before they begin working. Participants are taken out of their comfort zone on this day. Individually, but also as a group.

With exciting and innovative activities, the team is able to work together seamlessly, developing cutting-edge solutions in the face of any challenge, and bringing out the absolute best in themselves and each other. But it's not all work and no play - there's plenty of fun as well like gathering over delicious food and drinks, all while enjoying the unforgettable backdrop of a stunning location in the middle of the Ardennes or on the North Sea. With a laser focus on each other, teams will achieve extraordinary results in record time. While it typically takes six months for a newly-formed team to reach peak performance, with our onboarding event it’s taken care of before lunchtime!

We believe that no onboarding event is too big or small - from intimate team introductions to grand company-wide events, we've got it all covered! Our expert team will work with you to create a customized program that aligns with your goals, time frame, and budget, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for all.


The PBN onboarding event consists of programs of two or three days in the beautiful Ardennes.
Prefer something closer to home? Then put the new team to the test on PBN's unique Fort Island in IJmuiden. An astonishing experience guaranteed!

Our programs have been carefully designed to make the best use of the time available to get to know each other quickly and thoroughly.

PBN's unique
onboarding formula


Day one
09:00 Boat crossing to Fort Island IJmuiden
09:10 Welcome and landing on location
10:00 We are… Organization, culture and purpose
11:00 Energizer, first meeting
11:30 Faster class, learning skills for an optimal start
13:00 Boost moment, lunch and energizer


Day one
07:00 Departure to the Ardennes for Team Expedition
10:00 Orientation to location, check-in
11:00 Team Expedition; In-depth introduction through challenges
15:00 We are… Organization, culture and purpose
18.00 Outdoor Cooking
20:00 Campfire session
Overnight group accommodation


Challenges and delicious food.
Our participants
loved it.

the time into
a happening!

‘An adventure arranged from A to Z’

The foundation of
a successful team

‘Within an hour we were a team, after a day it felt like family.’

How to maintain the positive energy of your new employees?

After the first event, your renewed team is sharp and the energy level is at its maximum. To maintain that, an extra impulse is needed over time.

Whether it is about people or organizations, energy levels fluctuate like waves. That’s why PBN provides a Re-Boost Session after 60 days. During that session, new employees present a vision of the organization from their unique perspective. From there, concrete points for improvement are developed in order to strengthen the team. As a result everyone benefits.

Day 60:
PBN Re-Boost

Unusual settings and special activities help people to cultivate their unique skills.

Ontdek locaties

The ancient fort is outfitted with all contemporary conveniences.

Discover our location

Onboarding in the Ardennes: an one-of-a-kind experience in the middle of the forest.

Discover our location

Our locations are an experience in themselves.

Discover our location

Forteiland Ijmuiden. A memorable experience guaranteed.

Discover our location


  • Integrate new team members as soon as possible
  • Limited onboarding time, kick start immediately
  • 100% tailored to your company
  • Strengthen the existing team
  • Get the best out of each other and yourself.
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Increase job satisfaction and productivity.

First impression, you only get one chance to build a good one. Seize the moment with our proven recipe for success!

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A selection of our participants:  • 020 626 36 00 • Mokerstraat 28-30 • 1021 KC Amsterdam
BTW: NL819547748 • Kvk: 34304031